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About Us

Why We Love What We Do

We started our careers in huge multibillion-dollar CPG and software enterprises. Since then, we’ve worked in companies of all sizes, founded 3 startups (successfully growing, funding and exiting them) and had an additional 4 exits through companies within media, ad tech, and data, where we held leadership positions. Through this journey, we’ve been lucky enough to meet incredible professionals, some of whom even became close friends. Professionals who come from all walks of life—those with names you’ll know well (let’s have coffee; we’ll do the name- dropping then) to incredibly talented people just starting on a career path, destined to shape the future. Today, we work with companies of all sizes and stages, from enterprise to pre-launch startups. We help them with their most strategic, company-defining needs as well as hands-on execution to the smallest detail. And we love every moment.

Mark Kapczynski

CEO & Managing Director

Mark Kapczynski has a successful track record as a product and business strategist, at the intersection of technology, data and mobile devices across industries.  He currently works with companies to develop new business offerings and enter new markets.  These companies are focused on consumer healthcare, fintech, grocery and data & analytics.

Erin Kapczynski

CMO & Managing Director

Hands-on marketing leader with a diverse capability set from building game-changing marketing and communications infrastructure for large publicly traded companies and startups that drives B2C sales, generates lasting profitability and deepens strategic B2B partnerships.

We Believe in Giving Back

It’s an honor to be part of the flourishing Silicon Beach community, where we enjoy mentoring budding entrepreneurs, advising emerging companies, lecturing, and exchanging ideas at industry events.




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