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What’s the Role of Generative AI in Enterprise SEO and SEM?

Generative AI provides a range of tools that can help enterprise-level companies thrive, particularly in the SEO and SEM spaces. These tools include options to optimize and automate content creation, keyword analysis, on-page optimization, and more. Learn more about these AI advantages from Clarity Digital, a company with a proven track record in enterprise SEO and digital transformation.

What’s the Role of Generative AI in Enterprise SEO and SEM?

Over the past couple of years, the growing prevalence of generative AI has been the biggest story in tech, dwarfing all other developments and trends. Not only has generative AI presented a number of consumer-facing innovations, but it’s also provided a whole new toolset for marketers.

The advent of generative AI is especially noteworthy for enterprise SEO and SEM endeavors. That’s because doing SEO or SEM on an enterprise scale involves vast resources and a huge volume of content, to say nothing of ongoing data analysis. The sheer manpower involved with these efforts can be enormous, but AI streamlines, simplifies, and automates this work considerably.

In fact, there are a number of specific ways in which generative AI can empower enterprise SEO and SEM endeavors, including data-driven content creation, competitive analysis and keyword optimization, technical SEO, on-page improvements, and more. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the emerging role of AI in enterprise SEO and SEM.

Data-Driven Content Creation

One of the big challenges facing major enterprises is the need to develop huge amounts of content. For example, major companies may need specific pieces of content tailored to each of their products, and in some cases those products may number in the thousands or the tens of thousands. And companies that are active across the world require unique content to address the cultural and linguistic concerns of each marketplace.

Generative AI can remove a lot of the grunt work from content creation. Specifically, AI algorithms leverage vast datasets to produce high-quality, contextually relevant content tailored to target audiences. Potentially, this means content tailored to audiences around the world.

AI-generated content, combined with some human editorial curation, resonates with users, driving organic traffic and engagement. At Clarity Digital, we have seen tremendous results harnessing generative AI to help our enterprise-level clients keep up with massive content demands.

Competitive Analysis and Keyword Optimization

SEO is never done in a vacuum. To develop the most precise and powerful strategy, it’s critical to account for the online activity of competitors, including the types of content they are generating and the specific keywords they are going after. Naturally, this is much more challenging for enterprise-scale companies, where the competition can be more plentiful and more advanced.

Again, generative AI can be a game-changer. That’s because generative AI empowers enterprises with unparalleled insights into competitor strategies and market dynamics. Comprehensive competitive analyses can help to identify keyword opportunities, to evaluate content gaps, and to stay abreast of emerging trends.

Again, we can vouch for this strategy here at Clarity Digital. We’ve used generative AI to help produce huge amounts of data on behalf of our enterprise-level clients, resulting in major increases in keyword rankings as well as click-through rates.

Automated Technical SEO and On-Page Improvements

One of the most critical aspects of SEO is keeping each page fully optimized, accounting for technical considerations like keyword use, metadata, navigation structure, performance, user experience, and more. Again, enterprise-level companies face especially big needs, as they tend to have incredibly big and complicated websites.

AI can be an important way to keep even the most cumbersome of websites fully optimized and up to date. Specifically, the use of AI automates technical SEO audits, continuously monitoring website performance and identifying issues that need to be addressed.

What’s more, on-page improvements can be implemented in real-time, leading to enhanced search engine rankings and organic traffic.

One Clarity Digital case study finds a 50 percent reduction in page load times and a 25 percent boost in organic traffic within three months, all thanks to AI-driven on-page enhancements.

Automated Optimization and Ongoing Refinement

Search marketing is never finished. There is always a mandate to optimize and refine, keeping up with changes to the search algorithms, the competitive landscape, and consumer behavior. This mandate is especially important for enterprise-level companies.

Generative AI helps foster continuous optimization through iterative analysis and refinement of SEO and SEM strategies. Machine learning algorithms adapt to changes within the marketplace, or within the search ecosystem itself.

Case in point: One recent study showed an average 30 percent reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and a 25 percent increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) within a year of enterprises adopting AI-driven refinement techniques.

Stay Ahead with Generative AI

The bottom line: Embracing Generative AI is a strategic imperative for businesses aspiring to thrive in today’s dynamic online marketplace. Here at Clarity Digital, we have a reputation for always being on the cutting edge, and of helping our enterprise-level clients use AI to enhance their SEO and SEM endeavors.

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